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Because you don’t spend enough time on the app, Tik Tok is apparently looking into games


Gaming on TikTok could become popular.

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TikTok, the massively popular social media site with 1 billion monthly active users, appears to assume that you don’t spend enough time watching Toks.

According to a new story from Reuters, the company, which is controlled by the Chinese corporation ByteDance, is preparing a major push into gaming and has begun testing in Vietnam.


Unlike TikTok movies, which can last anywhere from 15 seconds to 30 minutes, games have the potential to keep users interested for far longer, especially if the platform offers skill games that frustrate players and force them to try again and again until they win. According to Reuters, games will keep users on the app longer, however one has to wonder if the abundance of live-streaming videos now accessible achieve the same thing.

To Reuters, the company essentially confirmed its plans, saying it has been testing HTML 5 (low-bandwidth, browser-friendly) games on TikTok. In fact, at least one of them can be found in the United States right now.

Make a mobile game Disco Loco 3D is a game by Zynga (see image below). It’s a Beat Saber-style game in which you control a small dancer by swiping back and forth across the screen to match hearts and dodge obstacles.


This isn’t your typical TikTok video. Instead, it’s a Zynga-made custom filter. To begin playing, you must first locate the Disco Loco 3D account and then touch on the promoted filter. From here, it appears to be a basic, yet entertaining, mobile device.

Is this really necessary?

TikTok has become so popular that almost every other social media network, including SnapChat, Facebook, and Instagram, is worried about how to compete with TikTok’s addicting video stream. They’ve all developed products to compete with TikTok, though it’s unclear whether any have made a dent in the company’s rapid development.

Nonetheless, TikTok feels compelled to defend its position. Building a comprehensive library of mobile games is one option, but can these games ever seem really local to the platform that propelled Charli D’amelio to stardom?


Also, is this an attempt to keep us on a platform that is likely causing too many of us to lose sleep and tune out others? A platform that is most certainly altering our brain chemistry by displaying people who appear to be prettier, smarter, funnier, or at the very least better dancers than us? Perhaps not the best of ideas.

Why can’t TikTok just keep doing what it’s doing?

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