Battlefield 2042 is being redesigned ‘from the ground up’ by EA


Since its release, Battlefield 2042 has been plagued by technical troubles and the sluggish deployment of further content, leading to a player exodus. However, publisher EA has stated that it will continue to improve the multiplayer shooter in the long run.

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In its most recent quarterly results call, EA addressed Battlefield 2042’s bad reception. When asked what the publisher plans to do with the shooter now that the recent 4.0 update hasn’t resulted in a major increase in player numbers, CEO Andrew Wilson stated he wants to add additional content to the game.

Wilson explained, “We take a long view here.” “This is one of our industry’s best franchises, established by one of our industry’s best teams, and we expect it to continue to expand and be a key part of our portfolio for many, many years to come.”


“We now have fantastic leadership on that team.”

They’re starting over with the development process, and following Vince Zampella’s/model Respawn’s of ‘get to the enjoyment as soon as feasible.'”

Vince Zampella is the co-founder of Infinity Ward, the creator of Call of Duty, and Respawn, the studio behind Jedi: Fallen Order. In December of last year, he was handed creative control over the whole Battlefield brand. Oscar Gabrielson, the general manager of series developer Dice, quit EA altogether about the time he took over.


“The current Battlefield team has been “making thousands of updates for the community, concentrating on quality of life, and really getting the core game perfect,” Wilson said.

“I believe there is still work to be done there, and the staff is dedicated to completing it for the community.”

“And beyond that, once we feel like we’ve nailed the core experience and core game, you can expect us to invest and grow beyond where the game is now.””


Wilson’s remarks are similar to those he made during EA’s most recent earnings release. He stated that Battlefield 2042 “did not live up to expectations,” and that the Covid-19 outbreak had hampered the development team’s testing and preparedness. Before Battlefield 2042’s delayed Season 1 opens in the middle of the year, he claimed EA was committed to improving the game with meaningful updates.

More worries

Wilson’s remarks may ease some of the fears of disgruntled fans, but EA’s latest earnings report has raised some questions. EA showed all of its live service games that were active in the last three months on a presentation slide. However, Battlefield 2042 was not one of them. Battlefield V, which was released in 2018, took its place.

Battlefield 2042 may have been left off the list because its player base is so small, falling below that of Battlefield 4, which is nine years old. It could also be that Battlefield 2042 isn’t considered an active live service game because it hasn’t received any live service material, such as the first season of DLC. It could also be a simple oversight.


None of these explanations paint a positive picture of the game. Battlefield 2042 was positioned by EA as the next major live service release that would drastically expand the Battlefield franchise prior to its release. The fact that it received so little attention in EA’s most recent earnings report is a clear admission that the game failed to satisfy either of those goals.

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