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As part of an identity overhaul, Instagram unveils a wacky, new, eye-catching font


No release date has been set for the attention-getting features.

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Instagram is releasing new brand identification materials for users and influencers as part of a “visual refresh” that the company hopes would encourage creativity across its diverse communities.

Instagram Sans, a totally new font for the app, a new layout and design system, and a new logo with changing gradient hues are all part of the makeover. Although it’s unclear how users and artists are supposed to use the shifting gradient logo, it appears to be a lighthouse of sorts for drawing more attention to content.


Interesting content

Instagram Sans was made specifically for the goal of being eye-catching. It’s Instagram’s new worldwide font, which was inspired by the platform’s own logo. Instagram claimed it worked with specialists to ensure that the font is compatible with all languages, including ones that don’t use letters like Japanese and Arabic. The circular design in Instagram Sans is meant to evoke friendship. Instagram Sans may be tried out on the platform’s website, where you can see the many sub-fonts such Sans Script and Medium.

The new layouts appear to shatter Instagram’s current design restrictions, allowing users to create borderless collages in portrait and landscape modes. You can try out four different layouts (1:1, 4:5, 9:16, and 16:9) and squeeze as much as you want into them. You may also include Reels movies and Stories, so it’s not just limited to photographs. Product links can also be added to these layouts by the creators.

Instagram offers a page dedicated to layouts where you can learn more about the function. We inquired about how people can share these photographs and whether they can be shared on their own Instagram profiles. Unfortunately, they never responded.


Its viewership is expanding

We also inquired as to when these features would be available on Instagram, but were met with silence. What can be claimed with some certainty is that this is most likely part of Instagram’s strategy to target TikTok’s audience.

The layout feature will be full-screen, and the platform stated in early May that it is testing a new vertical feed that fills the entire screen. It remains to be seen whether chasing TikTok is the best long-term strategy. Instagram’s new font and layouts are intriguing, but users will have to decide whether they’re worth retaining.


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