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Along with the Exynos 9110, Google Pixel Watch could use a second Tensor chipset


Some tasks, such as AOD and fitness tracking, will be shared.

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According to new sources, the Pixel Watch internals may not be as inadequate as we thought. Google’s next smartwatch is said to be built around two chipsets. Last week, it was revealed that the Pixel Watch was powered by a 4-year-old chipset. According to 9to5Google, it may also contain a second chipset to help balance the load.

While the Exynos 9110 is present in the wearable, Google has apparently included a second chipset that may bear the Tensor brand. The chipset’s full capabilities have yet to be validated. However, it’s possible that it’ll work similarly to the Snapdragon Wear 4100+. The chipset also has a low-power co-processor that helps manage workloads such as always-on display (AOD) and vitals tracking.


According to the latest speculation, the smartwatch could have 32GB of internal storage. This is more than twice the storage capacity of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 wearable. There have also been rumours that the Pixel Watch will feature a higher RAM specification. We should expect a seamless user experience and speedier WearOS performance on the Pixel Watch thanks to the updated internals. After all, it’s Google’s first wearable device after a long hiatus from the market.

Working with Fitbit and Samsung has many advantages

The Pixel Watch is still lacking in information. More information on the smartwatch will be released in the future, until it is officially released. The wearable’s design was leaked over a year ago, but it was finally revealed last month at Google IO.

The business did show off the smartwatch and how it integrates with Google services. Fitbit’s technology will be included in the smartwatch. The business previously stated that they are collaborating with Fitbit to deliver accurate health and vitals tracking to the Pixel Watch. The smartwatch was discovered to be equipped with the same sensors as the Fitbit Charge 5.


Google could be able to replicate its success with Samsung. According to sources, the Tensor chipset is closely related to Samsung’s Exynos chipsets. And the chipset’s performance is a completely other story. With the latest agreement with Fitbit, we may see similar success with the Pixel Watch.

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