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According to a new leak, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 could solve the main folding issue


The crease has been a challenge for the Fold line since the outset.

image credits: financeyahoo

Samsung’s newest smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold4, is still leaking. This time, Android insider Ice universe announced on Twitter that the phone’s screen will feature a less pronounced crease.

The crease will still be present when the phone is unfolded, according to Ice Universe(opens in new tab), but it will be better and smoother than previously. It might surprise you to learn that the Fold4 phone’s crease is such a big deal that a major leaker would discuss it as if it were a new feature. The problem is that Samsung’s Fold phones have had a crease from the first generation.


A persistent issue

The first Galaxy Fold included a plastic cover that protected the main screen, which had a noticeable fold. Whether you were using the phone inside or outside, the crease would cast an irritating glare. Samsung has been striving to correct this design fault, but has not yet succeeded.

For example, Samsung’s proprietary Ultra-Thin Glass was used to replace the plastic covering for the Galaxy Z Fold3. The hinge has also been enhanced, as it is now more sturdy than before. Despite the changes, the crease remains, albeit less visible.

It’s also not like this problem is insurmountable. Oppo, a Chinese tech company, released a phone in China that did away with the crease entirely. And, if you look back a little farther, Motorola’s 2019 Razr phone did the same thing, thanks to a brilliant hinge design.


The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is projected to come sometime in late summer 2022, based on prior release dates, so there’s still time for revisions to be made and then leaked.

A year of spills

We’ve seen a continuous stream of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 leaks throughout 2022, and things have only become busier as the launch date approaches. TechRadar has compiled a comprehensive list of all the recent data breaches. They describe a foldable gadget having a main screen of 7.56 inches and a cover screen of 6.19 inches. The phone could possibly include the same 10MP optical zoom camera as the Galaxy S22.

Hopefully, Samsung will be able to solve the creasing issue before the official launch, so we won’t have to live with an inconvenient line down the centre.


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