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A workaround for the Oculus Quest 2’s Windows 11 compatibility concerns is now available for download


It’s now a lot less painful to play PC VR games on Windows 11.

image credits: techmarmot

An Oculus PC software update has made it easier to connect your Meta Quest 2 headset (previously Oculus Quest 2) to a Windows 11 PC.

If your PC runs Windows 11, you’ve probably noticed near-constant juddering if you’ve lately tried playing a PC VR game with your Quest 2 headset. This effect causes the screen to tremble in a way that can be mildly irritating to extremely nauseating.


Thankfully, Meta has released a fix via the Oculus PC app’s Public Test Channel (discovered by UploadVR(opens in new tab)) to help relieve the troubles, though you may still encounter some glitches after downloading it.

How can I get the fix?

To join the Public Test Channel and get the shuddering effect patch, open the Oculus PC programme and go to Settings, which can be found in the menu bar on the left-hand side of the screen. Open the Beta tab from here, and you should be able to toggle on/off Public Test Channel updates.

When you connect your Quest 2 to your PC again after waiting for the newest update to download, you should see that most of the juddering has gone away. In the not-too-distant future, Meta will likely roll out this fix to non-Test Channel users — so if you’re not keen on signing up for additional experimental upgrades, stay away.


The problems with the Oculus PC app are only one of many that appear to be caused by Windows 10’s current operating system. Because Windows 11 has been generating so many issues, Microsoft recently recommended that consumers delete an update as a temporary fix.

Microsoft must smooth out the faults in its latest operating system, or it risks losing all of the goodwill that Windows 10 has gained.

Some of the top Meta Quest 2 games don’t require a PC to play.


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