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A wonderful trip down memory lane is Elden Ring for the SNES


like 16-bit souls

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Elden Ring’s violent boss-bashing combat in The Lands Between has been given a 16-bit makeover by a fan-made demake that reworks it in the fashion of an old-school SNES game.

By remaking several of Elden Ring’s essential landscapes, characters, and bosses as period-appropriate pixelated sprites, animation collective 64 Bits has reconstructed what Elden Ring would have looked like if it had been created for Nintendo’s original platform. The Elden Ring Demake for SNES has a few memorable moments, despite being simply a little film and not a fully functional demo.


The largest bosses from the game, including Malenia, Radahn, Godrick the Grafted, and Stormgate Troll, have all been rendered in pixel art and animated to replicate their distinctive assaults from the original game. Many of Elden Ring’s most renowned NPCs, like Iron Fist Alexander, Ranni the Witch, and Miriel, have also been given the pixel treatment (or Pope Turtle, as you might know them).

Perfect pixel

The film cuts between beneath caverns, the walk through Liurnia of the Lakes, the road to Stormveil castle, and other locations after beginning with a Tarnished staring at the Erdtree. Even an overworld map that simulates the player riding a Torrent to get to other locations is briefly displayed.

The player figure in the video frequently switches their equipment, which is a nice touch. They may be seen swapping between the iron helmet that the Prisoner class begins with and the General Radahn armour set.


It appears like 64 Bits drew inspiration for the remake from a number of old SNES games. Contra-style bosses appear at the top of the screen, and the 2D Legend of Zelda games’ overworld maps are similar. While the pixel aesthetic looks to have been more influenced by Final Fantasy, several of the exploration sequences also strongly resemble Secrets of Mana.

The demakes simply never cease. Elden Ring was redesigned for the Game Boy earlier this year by a fan. Prior to that, BloodbornePSX made a lot of noise for bringing the Victorian-era Gothic RPG from FromSoftware to the PC.

64 Bits has worked on a number of projects in addition to this Elden Ring SNES remake. In the past, the team has made ripoffs of BioShock Infinite for the SNES, Mass Effect for the Game Boy Advance, and God of War for the PlayStation 1.


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