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A new USB-C and Thunderbolt accessory security feature is now in beta for macOS Ventura


In the second beta of macOS Ventura, the functionality can now be customised.

image credits: mobilesyrup

In the most recent developer beta, Apple turned on a new macOS Ventura security feature, requiring USB-C and Thunderbolt peripherals to request permission before they can access your data.

Apple stated that the new macOS Ventura feature is currently operational in the beta 2 release notes. Apple says:


New USB and Thunderbolt devices on portable Mac computers powered by Apple hardware require user authorization before they can communicate with macOS for connections routed directly to the USB-C connector. Power adapters, freestanding screens, and connections to an authorised hub are not covered by this. If you select Don’t Allow, devices can still charge.

New USB and Thunderbolt accessories will need permission before accessing data on your device thanks to the feature, which will only function on Apple’s top MacBooks made with Apple hardware. You can still charge a device even without permission, and it doesn’t apply to powered hubs or displays.

Approved devices can connect to a locked Mac for up to three days, and the new system function can be toggled in settings with the default set to “Ask for new accessories.” There is one accessibility Switch Control setting that can be used to turn the feature off.


This is a good addition to Mac security features that should make users less vulnerable to malicious accessories or even data theft efforts should a device fail.

The new mail tool, which may display the official emblem of firms within emails so you know the communications are from a reliable source, is another new feature included to this week’s round of betas. Both macOS and iOS 16 support this.

The public will have access to the macOS Ventura beta starting next month, and the final version will be made available in the autumn.


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