A future version to Twitter could include multimedia and pronoun features


Finally, photos and videos are combined.

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Twitter is purportedly working on a new mechanism to “reward” tweets, as well as new options for multimedia tweets and new features to quickly display status’ and pronouns on your profile, as Elon Musk’s takeover of the firm looms in the distance.

Twitter’s in-progress status feature, discovered by 9to5Google contributor Dylan Roussel, appears to focus on discovery for profiles and tweets, rather than just showing off what you’re doing, as users are prompted with buttons to either “discover” or “join” the displayed status when tapping on a profile’s status.


Along with Twitter’s recently revealed “Circles” feature, which allows you to form close-knit groups of up to 150 pals, this new status feature should help users find and get to know one another, allowing them to form communities on the often contentious social media platform.

Twitter is also going to deploy a new pronouns page that will give that inclusivity-boosting information a permanent home, rather than just being an optional extra in users’ biographies, in order to improve the app’s users’ respect and get along with one another.

Apart from the two social-focused improvements in the works, Twitter is also seeking to prevent users from abandoning the platform by finally permitting multimedia tweets, removing the need for users to choose between images and videos when attaching media to a tweet.


According to Roussel’s claim, Twitter is also working on a big new feature that would allow users to “reward” tweets that they particularly enjoy. It is presently unknown how the rewards will function, if they will have monetary value, if they will be limited to Twitter Blue, or when the feature will be introduced, given they are the most basic of the revealed features.

Analysis: Should we cultivate or cull communities?

As Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter nears completion, many users have expressed reservations about how much good unfettered free speech will do for the app’s already unfriendly environment.

It’s unclear whether these new features have been in the works for some time, or if they’ve been rushed through ahead of the arrival of future owner Elon Musk.


Hopefully, they’ll provide some common ground for users to unite and be friendly to one another, rather than providing more ammunition for users to bash one another’s opinions, as Twitter doesn’t need any more of that.

You won’t be able to readily hide your blunders with Twitter’s new edit button.


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